This is a heartbreaking story. Someone put this dog in a cage and threw him in the river

VanBuren is a friendly, extroverted pit bull-type pup that loves to lick and charm those around him. So, it was a real question how he wound himself imprisoned in a semi-submerged black wire cage in a river with a seriously damaged leg.

According to his caregivers at Michigan’s Jackson County Animal Shelter, VanBuren was fortunate. If the pup had not been noticed and reported to animal control before the area’s latest round of rain, he would have drowned in the flood waters.

VanBuren was examined by veterinary professionals after arriving at the Jackson County Animal Shelter. They detected a “nasty break” in the dog’s right front limb.

The puppy, who is believed to be between five and six months old, appears to have no physical or mental scars from his trauma. His leg, as well as the minor wounds and scrapes he received, are anticipated to recover quickly. More importantly, he remains kind and trustworthy towards others.

According to Jackson County Animal Shelter spokesman Lydia Sattler, “He is totally a wiggle bottom and full of love for all.”

After VanBuren was rescued from the river, his friends at the shelter said on Facebook that he was ready to be adopted.

“We know he’d heal far faster in a house, and there’s no reason he needs to wait!” JCAS will continue to treat his leg after adoption. ”

He has already found his permanent family, and judging by this shot, he is quite happy with them!

While VanBuren’s tale had a positive ending, most left dogs, particularly those placed in perilous circumstances like this, do not. This story may have ended in disaster if the water had been higher or if VanBuren had not been discovered when he was.

Due to his injured leg, his prior owner may have wanted to “put him out of his misery.” They may have felt embarrassed about giving him up to a shelter or rescue. However, regardless of the circumstances, the dog’s safety should always come first.

If you or someone you know needs to rehome a pet, please proceed with caution and responsibility. If you are dealing with vet fees, the resources in this post may be able to help you keep your dog at home.

If you are still unable to retain your dog, first contact the shelter or rescue from whom you adopted them. Many organizations ask for pets to be returned if the adopter’s situation changes and they are unable to properly care for the animal.

Those who have purchased their dog from a breeder or another source may be enticed to advertise it on Craigslist or other media, but doing so might put your pet in danger’s hands. Rehoming your dog with a trustworthy friend or family member is your best option. Otherwise, seek aid from a respected rescue group in your region.

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This is a heartbreaking story. Someone put this dog in a cage and threw him in the river
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