A boy and his brother risk their lives to save animals from a flood

These creatures would have been in serious danger if they had not received aid.

In 2016, several southern states, including Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, and Mississippi, experienced record-breaking flash floods. The floods were triggered by more than 23 inches of rain. Thousands of humans and animals were forced to flee their homes.

In the middle of the chaos, two guys in Hernando, Mississippi, saw the condition of the animals and took action.

“My brother and I continued seeing numerous species make their way out of the flooding forests onto a meadow in front of our home,” Frankie Williams, a 26-year-old electrician and landscaper, told The Dodo at the time.

“We were able to discover the flooded woods in a little boat.” “We rescued many mice, rats, and rabbits while going through wet places on our way to the woods,” he said.

They had no choice but to cling to anything they could grab in order to escape being carried away by the swelling floods. Raccoons, on the other hand, could climb higher into trees for protection.

As a consequence, Williams and his brother went about rescuing every distressed animal they came across. After the water levels started to fall, the animals were freed.

“As a youngster, I had a deep attachment to the outdoors,” Williams stated. “I hate watching animals suffer.”

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A boy and his brother risk their lives to save animals from a flood
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