An animal rescuer sends a moving letter to the owner who has left his dog in the middle of the roadside

Brooke saves a lot of canines as part of her employment with Kings SPCA Rescue in Lemoore, California, but one rescue in particular caught her eye this week. She was summoned to assist in the rescue of a dog who had been left on a highway by its owner. The dog was starving, f.a.m.i.s.h.ed, and terrified, and he needed their assistance.

She videotaped the rescue and then freely expressed her thoughts in an emotional letter to the dog’s previous owners.

“Dear This Dog’s Callous POS Owner,

“We received a handful of emails today from folks who observed your puppy that had been left on 15th and Excelsior Avenues.” According to the date, your dog has been sitting in that location since Saturday morning at the very least. Because we had been so engaged, we didn’t discover the messages until 3:00 p.m. today. We decided to go over and see if we could assist. Sure enough, he was there.

“He was waiting for you.”

Photo credit: Kings SPCA-Rescue

“He hadn’t left the spot where you forced him to remain. He was acting like a nice dog. He remained near where he last saw his beloved person in the world. He assumed you were returning. He was watching every vehicle that passed by, thinking it was you returning for him. Because you are a selfish jerk, your dog has been frigid, hungry, and afraid for days.

“He was waiting for you.”

“He was so starving and thirsty that he ate sticks.” People had stopped to leave food, but he was still hungry and bewildered. Even with food in front of him, he understood he had to wait for you to return.

“He was waiting for you.”

“He’s not a nasty dog.” He is a wonderful dog. You were an awful buddy. You left someone who was willing to offer his life for you. Someone who is unconcerned about how long you were absent from work. Someone who is just as pleased to see you whether you walk outside to check the mail or depart for days. Someone who would lick your tears and the food left on your plate after you finished eating. ”

Photo credit: Kings SPCA-Rescue

“He will no longer be waiting for you.”

“We returned for him after he was observed curled up in a ball on the road on the day you left him.” We returned with Yvonne, a fellow rescuer from Raven’s Rescue BullyBreed Sanctuary. We could hear coyotes on the horizon as it became darker. We stayed there for many hours. We spoke with him. We sat there and sang to him. We fed him and provided him with a blanket.

“After hours of offering wet food to your dog, he ate from our hand.” Your dog eventually approached us as we lay in the cold soil, assuring him, “Everything will be OK, and it’s the last time someone will harm you.” I was finally able to touch the top of your dog’s head. After that, behind his ears Finally, when I slid over and sat close to him, he didn’t bolt. He eventually fell asleep and let me stroke his tummy. He didn’t attempt to run when I placed a leash on him.

“Until it came time to depart, he didn’t panic.” He wanted to await your arrival. He would not walk to the vehicle. I brought your enormous, kind, fearful, and devoted dog to our van. I took your dog away from where he last saw you. He screamed the whole vehicle journey to our refuge. He howled the most agonizing cry I’ve ever heard. The sound was his heart cracking. He anxiously sought to return to where you had left him. He hastily checked all of the windows before staring out the rear window as we drove away. His cries continued till he approached the driver’s seat and howled at me. As I leaned out to scratch his head, he looked at me puzzledly, rested his head on my lap, and moaned as we approached the shelter. ”

Photo credit: Kings SPCA-Rescue

“You don’t deserve this wonderful pet.” You do not deserve any dogs.

My dog has forgotten about you. He’ll find a nice home and the affection he deserves. He’ll understand what it’s like to have a true home.

“I don’t care who you are or what your explanation for leaving my puppy is.” In any case, it’s probably a BS excuse. You’re a piece of filth. I hope your year is full of karma and poor health.

“Sincerely, Brooke.”

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An animal rescuer sends a moving letter to the owner who has left his dog in the middle of the roadside
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