An elderly couple does not want to leave their beloved dogs in a sudden flood

Nobody is injured by a little rain. Too much rain, on the other hand, might rapidly become a problem. Severe weather may often send residents fleeing for safety or higher ground. When floods ravaged Joso, Japan, an elderly couple took extraordinary measures.

Rather than retreating to a safer area, the couple ascended to the top of their house’s roof. They were accompanied by their two dogs. The couple opted to remain with their dogs since they were too devoted to them.

The water level continues to rise.

However, the floods continued to rise as the four huddled on the home’s roof, praying for aid. The couple’s prayers were answered quickly when a chopper came to rescue them and their dogs.

A daring rescue is carried out.

The whole event was recorded on film and uploaded to YouTube, where it has received over 11.9 million views. To add to the risk, the chopper had to battle severe winds while lowering a rescue worker from the aircraft to the roof below.

The couple is being escorted to safety, but not without their pets.

As he ascends to the top and invites the elderly couple to accompany him, he is informed that they will not leave their dogs behind. And who can judge them when many people consider their dogs to be members of the family?

The rescuer seems to recognize this as he changes the rescue strategy.

So, the rescue worker tells each of them to bring a pet with them, making sure that the animal is safely strapped into a bag for the trip back up to the helicopter.

Once they are safe, the rescuer will make another plunge to the roof below.

As he returns to the roof, the elderly guy puts the puppy he is carrying in a tote bag. They then take off on their own journey to the waiting chopper.

Everyone is now secure.

Everyone somehow boards the chopper and is whisked away to safety. The most striking thing is how calm the dogs seem to be during the rescue effort.

This pair has a deep attachment to their dogs.

This is also an excellent illustration of most rescue professionals’ professionalism and willingness to cope in a crisis, regardless of the conditions. This anecdote also demonstrates the lengths pet owners will go to safeguard their dogs.

Check out the video below for more on this brave rescue!

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An elderly couple does not want to leave their beloved dogs in a sudden flood
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