The owner, who lost his dog, wondered whether he would recognize him after 764 days apart

When he was 9 years old, Bosco, a Beagle-mix, mysteriously disappeared from his home in Westerley, Rhode Island. The daring dog had probably slipped out of his collar to explore the area, but then he couldn’t find his way back home.

Dad, Bill Ballato, who has a back condition, spent months searching for Bosco via missing posters and direct inquiries, but the beautiful puppy was nowhere to be found. When Bill was forced to relocate to Lafayette, Colorado, he worried that he would never see his dog again.

Bosco had been gone for almost two years until some Rhode Island neighbors recognized him from missing posters. Bosco was sleeping and living on the streets, but he was terrified of people.

Locals notified Sheilah Graham, a Department of Homeland Security employee who often volunteers as a “pet detective” to find lost dogs. Sheilah called Bill to learn more about Bosco. She was able to catch Bosco quickly by setting a trap with all of his favorite foods.

Sheilah knew that Bill’s infirmity made it difficult for him to come and fetch Bosco. Because a senior dog like Bosco couldn’t fly, she gladly agreed to travel 2000 miles in 36 hours to deliver Bosco to Bill and reunite them! During the self-funded journey, the kind lady drove through two snowstorms while caring for Bosco.

But, after 764 days, when the elder dog finally recognized Bill, he froze in astonishment. The sad father was afraid that his old friend would no longer recognize him. But when Bill had the confidence to shout out “Dude,” Bosco understood he was back in the arms of his loving father!

Bosco was overjoyed to see his old toys and doggy brother! We are grateful to Sheilah, who voluntarily organized this reunion! This is one of the sweetest reunions we’ve ever seen!

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The owner, who lost his dog, wondered whether he would recognize him after 764 days apart
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