A dog mom with a sad heart awaits the return of her owner to save her and her puppies

A call came in to the Dog Rescue Shelter in Mladenovac, Serbia, about a mom dog and two pups who had been left outdoors and had been laying on the roadside for a few days.

The Good Samaritans tried to feed them, but the mom dog was highly protective of her puppies and wouldn’t allow anyone to touch them.

When rescuers came, she was hiding in the grass by the road with her kids, attempting to protect them while waiting for her owners to come for her.
But, alas, they never did.

She was aware that the rescuers were coming to help her, so she stayed pleasant and eager to eat any food they served her.

They went to the lawn one final time after putting mom dog and her two babies into their vehicle to be sure no other puppies remained.

They were shocked to see another one in the grass only a few feet away from the mom. The pups were only a few days old and had yet to open their eyes.

They were saved barely in time, and the 4 of them were handed off to their rescuers.

Moli, the mom, has been a wonderful mother to her pups. She is glad and happy to be in excellent hands and to be sleeping in a warm bed rather than being left on the roadside.

The small family will be cared for by the shelter until they are ready to be adopted.

Watch a wonderful video of their rescue below!