A stray dog was carrying a bundle in his teeth, and when a stranger approached him to see what it was, he was taken aback

“Younger brothers” are there for us when we need them most, so we must show them our love and respect.

Thailand is the setting for this heartwarming tale. As usual, a homeless dog was trotting around the streets, hoping to find a kind human who would give him some food.

As a result, the dog next to the trash can heard a strange squeak that could only be equated to kitten meows. When the dog got closer, he saw the bundle and grabbed it, dragging it after him.

At some point, the dog turned and headed toward one of the homes. It wasn’t apparent how long the dog had been travelling this way.

It barked until the owners left the home, at which point it stopped. They opened a strange package and discovered a baby who was barely alive. The infant was taken to the critical care unit by ambulance after the mother asked for help.

Apart from getting a new name, Pugh, and a lifeguard collar, this little boy is now in the hospital getting better.

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