The dog did not recognize his father after being separated from him for three years

When Pakita the dog went missing three years ago, her father was heartbroken. The guy felt helpless as he sought for her everywhere, only to have his dreams dashed again and again. He never gave up on her, however, and kept hunting for her in shelters until he finally discovered her.

Dad was overjoyed three years later to learn that Pakita was alive and well at a remote shelter, where she had been living an aloof and lonely existence for the previous three years. But when he came to the shelter to pick her up, Pakita’s behavior surprised him.

Pakita’s years of loneliness and tough shelter life had definitely taken their toll. The despondent dog only trusted her caregivers and refused to look at Dad. She didn’t know him and whined as she saw a weird new person approaching her.

Pakita’s stressed-out body language enticed her to come closer. Pakita hesitated, but Dad crouched and called out to her, prompting her to go ahead and smell him—a complete surprise to her! She started to recognize his scent and knew her long-lost father had come to take her home!

This footage depicts the remarkable moment when Pakita overcomes her fears and ecstatically recognizes Dad! Within seconds, she moves from afraid to astonished to crazy-happy, and Dad tells her that she will never be lonely again. Keep the volume on high as you witness their emotional reunion below!

Click the video below to see Pakita’s pleasure when she finally recognizes Dad!

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The dog did not recognize his father after being separated from him for three years
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