Pit bull “thanks” the bus driver for safely returning his brother home

Lucy, the pit bull, adores her human brother. So much so that she becomes excited when the little guy returns home from school.

But they weren’t friends from the start.

The five-year-old is nonverbal and has autism. He was diagnosed only a few months after Miranda Peterson adopted Lucy.

“For the first year of her existence, he didn’t like her. “I believe it was too big of a transition for him, and he didn’t appreciate her in his private space,” Peterson told The Dodo.

However, Lucy, being the kind dog that she is, decided to give the boy some space and time to allow their relationship to flourish.

“A few months ago, my husband began taking our kid on regular walks after he completed work,” Peterson said. “My kid loves being outside, so he had a great time.”

Lucy would accompany us on these outings and play fetch with the small child.

The youngster now enjoys interacting with Lucy. They like playing fetch, and he enjoys filling Lucy’s food dish every day. He’ll even give Lucy a pet now and then.

Lucy adores her brother and spends time outdoors with him.

She is overjoyed when he arrives home from school and gets off the bus.

As soon as the bus enters the area, she can hear it. That’s when she informs Peterson and does a joyous dance until he unlocks the door and lets her go.

“She went into the bus one day to join her brother, and that’s when she formally met the bus driver,” Peterson said. “Then he’d come down a few steps from the bus every day for Lucy to go welcome him.”

Lucy welcomes her brother and then waits patiently for him to exit the bus before greeting the bus driver.

It’s as though Lucy is thanking me for getting my brother home safely.

The bus driver loves pit bulls and was overjoyed to meet Lucy. It is one of their favorite moments of the day.

Lucy spends the whole day expecting that moment.

Twice a day, to be exact.

She gets to say hello to her brother when the bus picks him up and drops him off.

“She’s like a tiny alarm clock, telling me when the bus is outside,” Peterson said. “She begins whimpering right away and waits at the door.” I usually ask her to wait (for etiquette) until the bus driver assists my son in getting off, and as soon as I say, “OK,” she goes to him for a brief touch, then back to me, as if to say, ‘Mom! He’s arrived!” He’s the genuine deal! ” Then she returns for more petting. ”

A video of Lucy’s everyday bus ride became popular on TikTok.

“She generally returns for another round,” Peterson told TikTok users. “It’s as if she had to inform me that the bus driver loves her before she returns to him.”

In the video below, you can see Lucy’s adorable habit.

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Pit bull “thanks” the bus driver for safely returning his brother home
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