This video will make your day! A delivery man confronts an overprotective rooster

When it comes to package delivery, most drivers have to deal with overprotective canines, but one UPS worker encountered an unexpected ‘watchdog.’ The man was only trying to do his job when a brave rooster welcomed him, and he was furious that a stranger had stepped on his land. The owner’s Ring doorbell camera captured the hilarious event, which may be the funniest standoff you’ve ever seen!

Facebook/AJ Taylor

Ashley Taylor and her husband AJ no longer need a dog to guard their land after they got Fred, since the daring rooster is doing an excellent job. So, when a new deliveryman stopped by lately to drop off two parcels, Fred wanted to show him who’s boss.

“Fred will follow us around the backyard and wants to peer through the door like the dogs,” Ashley told The Dodo. Whenever a new person comes up, he needs to go introduce himself. I guess he believes he’s a dog! ”

Facebook/AJ Taylor

The driver intended to leave the gifts on the front porch, but Fred had other plans. The family’s doorbell camera triggered and filmed the whole event since it was sensitive to movement. The persistent deliveryman has made it to the doorstep, and he even turned to the camera to tell the owners that it’s “not cool,” before being ‘shuttled’ outside by the protective rooster.

Facebook/AJ Taylor

Ashley’s husband posted about the amusing confrontation on Facebook! “Well, today the UPS man encountered Fred the guard rooster,” he wrote. “Fred was born furious, and this is the first time we’ve captured it on film.” Please offer my apologies to the UPS driver.”

You may see the scene here: