When a 93-year-old woman’s little puppy goes missing for two days, she calls police in tears

One of the most heartbreaking things that can happen to a pet parent is when their beloved dog goes missing without a trace.

That is precisely what occurred to a 93-year-old English lady who claimed her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel had gone missing for two days. The kind woman informed police that she hadn’t seen “Toby” in 2 days and was concerned.

A police officer was sent to the woman’s residence to do a health check and have a look around. While the officer was speaking with the lady, she leaned down to pick up something that had fallen to the floor. The officer happened to check below the old citizen’s chair at that precise moment and saw a hairy face looking out at her. It had to be Toby!

The small dog became trapped below the furniture and never let forth a bark. He was thankfully in high spirits and healthy, save for being hungry and thirsty. The police helped the small boy out of his situation and gave him something to eat and drink. The officer recognized that dogs are family members.

According to a SWNS statement, “Both Toby and his owner looked overjoyed to be reunited, and it was obviously a big relief for the lady.” Her family, friends, and neighbors had all gone out searching for Toby, but she was getting more concerned as time passed, assuming he had escaped and feared the worst. “