The owner was in a panic when she discovered her dog in the water. But after a few minutes, she saw that he was rescuing someone

This beautiful Goldendoodle is being hailed as a hero after saving a drowning newborn deer from a lake. When the 6-year-old dog dove into the water to save the orphaned fawn, he left his owner stunned. The brave dog continued to care for the tiny animal after bringing her from the middle of the water to dry ground. The dog’s owner captured the wonderful events on camera!

Ralph Dorn and his pet dog Harley went for a stroll in the rear of their Virginia home a few months ago. But their routine quickly morphed into a spectacular rescue, with Harley as the main actor. The dog saw a little creature fighting to keep her head above water and leaped into the lake to save her.

Harley’s owner stated in a now-viral Facebook post, “He was towards the middle of the lake herding a young fawn back to the beach line.” “I’m not sure how the fawn got out there, but Harley certainly didn’t question why; he simply acted.”

But the kind dog not only saved the deer and brought her to the beach, but he also lingered next to her for a few minutes to console her. Once on dry ground, the fawn was reunited with her mom.

The dad told PEOPLE, “Harley didn’t want to leave the newborn deer.” “He simply continued connecting with it, kissing it, and taking care of it.”

But that’s not the end of the tale; Dorn and his wife Pat were both shocked to see their furry buddy as he reunited with the fawn he had just saved!

Ralph commented on Facebook, “This morning Harley was restless and ran from window to window.” “When I opened the front door, we heard the fawn bleating. Harley dashed into the woods and discovered the fawn. The small one stopped bleating, tail wagging, they smelled each other, and Harley came back to the house peacefully with me. ”

Harley had always been a generous dog, and this was not the first time she had offered joy and comfort to someone. The loving dog is a registered therapy dog. He liked to visit nursing homes and cheer up the residents. Harley’s newest act of compassion has warmed the hearts of millions of people all around the globe, as his tale has gone viral and people can’t get enough of it!

“We’re extremely delighted that it’s impacted so many people and provided so much pleasure to so many,” Harley’s mother, Pat, said. “We were astounded. We had no clue how people would respond.

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The owner was in a panic when she discovered her dog in the water. But after a few minutes, she saw that he was rescuing someone
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