This little chihuahua has stolen everyone’s hearts on social media with his singing(Video)

Even though they can’t speak, dogs like to sing. We’ve observed them screaming out songs with their people more than once. However, it’s difficult to find a dog as skilled as this small chihuahua, which would make every singer there envious. Everyone should get to know Booboo, the singing dog!

At least in his father’s eyes, Booboo has always been a celebrity, but he has just become an online phenomenon. All of this came when a humorous video of him singing with his father went viral, with millions of people falling in love with them. It’s not the first time the cute chihuahua has shown his skill. But it’s the way he hit the high notes that had everyone’s attention.

The charming video, which was first published on TikTok, shows Booboo and his 22-year-old father, Martin Gratton, duetting to Gnarls Barkley’s classic ‘Crazy.’ The young guy asks his canine companion if he’s ready, and he even kisses him to motivate him. Then he begins singing, but it’s when the gifted chihuahua reaches the high notes that everyone is taken aback.

People fell passionately in love with the moment, even comparing Booboo’s voice to some of the world’s most renowned voices. “Is that Ariana Grande?” one user wondered. “I can’t stop. Wow, this clip is so adorable. I love this.”

Despite the fact that Martin and his dog practice often, it’s clear that Booboo was born with this skill!

“I haven’t taught him to respond to it; he simply does,” the owner said. “We discovered he loved to sing the first time we were seated in the living room watching a hockey game and the national anthem began.” He immediately joined in as the performer began singing. We were all taken aback and burst into laughter. ”

But we’ve never seen a dog as enthusiastic about singing a song as Booboo, and his father acknowledges it. “He also gets quite thrilled,” he said. “He just likes it.” It’s so unique and amusing to witness a dog singing and joyful at the same time.

In the video below, you can see these two brilliant guys perform!

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This little chihuahua has stolen everyone’s hearts on social media with his singing(Video)
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