Pit bull heard a child screaming and ran to save his life

Pit bulls are often seen as violent dogs. However, this pit bull is a true hero, risking his own life to rescue a little child.

A lady made a popular Facebook post about her brother’s Pit Bull. She stated:

My brother was strolling Hurley, his pit bull lab mix, in our local area. He hikes him this late so he can let him off the leash and do what he enjoys, which is exploring all the various scents. He heard a small child cry, and before my brother could react, Hurley had taken off following the noise.

With my brother following behind, he witnessed Hurley seize a copper-headed snake and hurl it about, later learning that he had k.i.l.led it. My brother was unable to gather any information on the small child since he fled to his mother’s car and raced away. (We assume he was bitten and was transported to the ER since they left so quickly.)

My brother then called animal control, and the Highland Village Police Department arrived to investigate. They asked to examine Hurley to determine whether he had been bitten. My brother was surprised to see himself bleeding, with a swollen neck and frothing at the mouth. They discovered two puncture holes on his upper lip.

Shelby hurried Hurley to Denton Animal Medical Center, where he spent the night so that doctors could test his blood coagulation ability many times during the night. Shelby and Hurley both arrived home today. Hurley is doing much better this morning, thank God; he only appears a bit uncomfortable with his puffy face and neck.

It was eventually determined that the youngster had come across a copper head nest, and Hurley, perhaps, saved him from being bitten, or at least from being bitten numerous times. We’re still trying to figure out who the young child is and whether he’s alright. ”

This lady encouraged people to share her message in order to combat the bad stigma that surrounds pit bulls. Thousands of people were moved by the tale, which was shared over 300,000 times!

Thousands of individuals commented, including one person who remarked,

“Hurley is a true hero.” “May God bless his kind heart for rescuing that tiny baby.”

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Pit bull heard a child screaming and ran to save his life
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