Airline attendants took a big risk and broke protocol to save the dog’s life

Dogs are unquestionably our protectors, and there are many stories of their amazing actions. Nonetheless, sometimes they may also need assistance. When this small Chihuahua needed some help, two flight attendants jumped up and saved her life!

When Michele Burt, her husband Steven, and their three dogs boarded a JetBlue aircraft from Florida to Massachusetts, it was intended to be a typical journey since they had gone many times before. The Burts followed procedure by keeping the dogs in carriers under their seats. But soon after takeoff, Michele noticed that one of her dogs, a beautiful French Bulldog named Darcy, was having trouble breathing.

Michele opened Darcy’s door, concerned, to examine her. The lady was aware that she was breaking airline company regulations, but her dog’s life was in jeopardy!

“I saw her tongue was blue, and I know that’s a symptom of low oxygen,” the mother subsequently added. “I grabbed her from under the seat and put her on my lap to help her relax and cool off since she was terrified and breathing rapidly.”

Renaud Fenster, the flight attendant, didn’t know what was going on and originally requested Michele to return her dog since aircraft regulation is highly stringent in these cases. He quickly realized, however, that it could be something serious, so he rushed to help, not before informing his colleague Diane Asher.

The two crew members attempted to cool Darcy down with ice packs, but were unable. Renaud, who also owns a French Bulldog, had another thought. One that, however, violates procedure. He was willing to take that danger in order to save the unfortunate dog’s life.

“He brought a tiny oxygen cylinder with a mask attached and said, ‘Maybe this would help,'” Michelle said. “”I feel Renaud and Diane saved a life, and although some may discount the value of life because Darcy is a dog, I do not.”

Darcy’s life was saved by the two flight attendants, despite the fact that they had to break the regulations. So, once they arrived and Darcy had recovered completely, Michele decided to write a letter to thank these two wonderful women. “I wanted to thank JetBlue and Renaud and Diane for doing their jobs while also being wonderful people!”

You may read the complete letter here:

When the corporation learned of the situation, it was overjoyed. They even complimented the two ladies on their conduct! “Our purpose is to inspire mankind,” JetBlue said in a statement.

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Airline attendants took a big risk and broke protocol to save the dog’s life
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