Husky sisters were left at a dog park with their toys and a sad message

On any other day, a pair of huskies would be running wild at a dog park, indicating 2 happy, healthy dogs. However, in the cases of Jada and Layla, it was because they were left.

Mona Ahmed oversees the Woodward Dog Park in Fresno, California. She also started the non-profit Fresno Furry Friends, which helps shelter animals and spay/neuter programs.

She recently got a phone call from a lady who claimed to have seen the two dogs without their owner.

Jada and Layla were roaming aimlessly when Mona pulled over. A package had their toys and food dishes, as well as a small message that read:

“Our given names are Jada (black) and Layla (brown),” the message added. “We’re two lovely one-year-old pups. Please stop splitting us up. “Layla grows scared when she is apart from her sister.”

When she checked on them, Mona learned the two huskies in the park had been there since the early hours and had been roaming about for many hours when she checked on them.

“‘Yes, I saw [a lady] leave the huskies,’ someone said. She has just told us that she is going to the vehicle and will be back soon. But after all, no one noticed that she had genuinely vanished, “Mona said to the Dodo.”

Ahmed was heartbroken for Jada and Layla, but she was pleased that she had been warned. If the dogs had been left in the park overnight, they may have been hurt.

“They may have jumped over the fence and been hit by a vehicle,” Ahmed said. “A major road runs directly in front of the dog park. The speed restriction is 50 mph, although many people go at speeds of 65 mph or more.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time a dog has been left at Woodward Dog Park. Ahmed, who has been running the dog park for 10 years, revealed that 13 more dogs had been left there, putting her on duty to save and rehome them.

“This upsets me,” Ahmed said. “This is not the correct way to distribute pets.” All they had to do was beg for help. ”

While maintaining owners and dogs together is always the ideal choice, Rachael Lewis, the ASPCA’s manager of media and communications, told The Dodo that there are options available for those who are unable to care for their pets.

“The most important thing for pet owners to realize is that there are countless services accessible to them—all they have to do is call their local animal shelter,” Lewis said. “A local shelter may meet with you to talk about your situation and then point you in the direction of the many services that are available.”

Ahmed, the founder of Fresno Furry Friends, a spay and neuter organization, adopted Jada and Layla and put them in a secure foster home. The huskies, which Ahmed thinks are sisters, were not spayed or microchipped, and she hopes to get them done before rehoming them.

“We want to find the right home for the dogs,” Ahmed said. She did, however, mention that the dogs’ mom is falling in love with them, implying that they may have already found their future home.

“She is totally focused on keeping them,” Ahmed stated. “In a few days, I’ll complete a house inspection and everything else.”

Meanwhile, the foster mother brings Jada and Layla to the dog park on a regular basis—and they always come home with happy memories.

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Husky sisters were left at a dog park with their toys and a sad message
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