8 years later, the family that lost their dog receives a call about him

This touching story proves that you should never give up. While it begins with a heartbreaking loss, it ends happily.

It all began in 2012, when Stevie Rodger’s two dogs, Kavik and Konan, were allowed out of his Scottish house to go to the restroom but escaped through the gate. He looked around and saw they had gotten into a farmer’s sheep pasture.

The farmer cr.u.elly shot both dogs, ki.l.ling Konan immediately. Kavik was hurt, but he ran away.

The family spent months searching the region, placing posters and offering a reward, but there was no news. They even created a post on Dog Lost, detailing his last known whereabouts as well as two phone numbers to contact if you have any information. “Kavik is his daddy’s kid, and he may not respond when called by someone else.If you see him, please phone any of these numbers right away and tell them where you saw him. He will be terrified and may need veterinary treatment. Thank you a lot. ”

They were heartbroken at the loss of both of their pets and were certain that they would never see Kavik again.

They got a call eight years later about a probable sighting of their long-lost dog in Birmingham, 300 miles away.

When a ma.l.n.ourished German shepherd mix was brought in and matched the description of Kavik from Dog Lost, the staff contacted Stevie.

He couldn’t believe  what he was hearing and traveled four hours the following day to be reunited with his beloved puppy. It just took one glance at the thin dog for him to recognize Kavik. The now 10-year-old dog recognized his father right away, and tears began to pour out.

“He came bounding up to me and began licking me as if he’d just seen me yesterday.” It was a really touching reunion. “I can’t believe he’s been gone for more than eight years, but he’s settled back in quite well,” Stevie told the Metro.

The first night, they slept on the sofa together. The next day, Kavik was brought to the vet for blood testing and an examination. Aside from the fact that he was dehydrated and underweight, the doctor discovered a tumor on his back that will be removed. The priority right now is to give him several tiny meals in order to help him gain weight. While his recuperation would be difficult, his family said, “We’re up for it and doing it with glad hearts.”

Stevie describes the incredible reunion as a “Christmas miracle.” The whole family is happy to get their pet puppy back and intends to ‘pay it forward.’

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8 years later, the family that lost their dog receives a call about him
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