Rescuers were chasing the dog away from the closed tunnel. But they soon realized that he was waiting for someone there

This incident has happened in India. A dog was continually sitting at the tunnel’s obstructed entrance. Rescuers were required to constantly push it away so that it would not disrupt them. They were embarrassed when they discovered why he didn’t want to go away.

The construction site of the city’s hydroelectric power plant was situated near Tapovan, India, where the mongrel Blackie was born. As a puppy, it was attached to a construction team that was constructing a tunnel for a new road.

All of the builders adored the dog. It remained with them all day, only leaving them in the valley for the night.

They had spent two years enjoying each other’s company. Blackie has long been regarded as one of their own, not only by the builders but also by the locals, who watched every morning as the dog returned to the construction sites after spending the night.

On February 12, however, catastrophe struck. When it rained, the entrance to the tunnel, where all 34 workers were working, fell down.

Because the fall occurred at night, the dog was not present. When it arrived at the place in the morning, instead of its pals, it noticed a team of rescuers bringing up equipment.

Either the dog was overlooked or chased away. That is, until one of the locals spotted it and came to assist.

During this disturbance, Blackie saw a guy called Ajit Kumar and followed him around since he didn’t comprehend what had occurred.

Rajiner Kumar, a construction worker, was away from his duties throughout the tunnel obstruction. He returned to the accident site to retrieve food for Blackie and materials to construct a sleeping area.

The dog has not left its station for five days after the incident. It is awaiting the rescue of its companions. The dog is no longer chased away by rescuers, but rather is fed by them.

India now has its own Hachiko. Nobody thinks that the dog will stay until the employees are released.