Every morning, a stray dog “mysteriously appeared” at school, and here is what one teacher decided to do

Teachers arrive at work in the morning hoping to see students, buses, and the enthusiasm of a new day. They never expect to see a dog outside their school’s front door. That’s precisely what occurred at a Houston elementary school. The dog was really sitting outside the main entrance of the facility.

Caleb Schaffer, a teacher in Columbia Falls, Montana, came to work one morning to find a beautiful puppy waiting for him at the door. The dog barked at Schaffer, but he needed to go to class, so he went past the animal. He couldn’t get his mind off the Lab mix outside the school, so he returned to see if anything had occurred. Sadly, the dog had vanished by the time he arrived.

While being pursued by animal control, the dog was unsuccessful. The dog was back at the entryway the following morning, and Schaffer saw him. The guy continued his methods, and the dog disappeared later that day. He did see the dog’s horrible skin and how he was whimpering and scratching at it.

Finally, on the third day, the dog appeared, and Schaffer engaged in some activity. He went up to his car, beckoned the dog in, and the hound jumped right in with him. He came home with his wife in order to work since Schaffer could not support him. Regardless, he sought to call many rescue groups. There was no free space. He brought him to a nearby animal sanctuary, where he was given basic treatment and a bath before being released.

He gave him the name Clive and posted images of him on the Urgent Shelter Pets of Houston Facebook page. Fortunately, Lucky Lab Rescue and Adoption watched the video and set up a foster family for the pup. Schaffer gives his class the tale. In an interview with The Dodo, he stated, “There are so many strays around here.” It’s allowed me to communicate about spaying and neutering, heartworm prevention, and the realities of shelters. ”

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Every morning, a stray dog “mysteriously appeared” at school, and here is what one teacher decided to do
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