The owner starts crying when she sees her puppy after 2 years

Nothing is worse than losing your pet, and nothing is better than regaining custody of your lost pet. The same thing occurred to this lady two years ago when she lost her cat. But she got her beloved pet in a spectacular way, which was a good thing.

The story goes like this: a shelter posted a picture of a stray dog on Facebook in the hopes of finding him a permanent home.

The dog, who had gorgeous blue eyes, was suffering from mange and was left dirty and hungry.

The picture of the puppy went viral, and the shelter got a call from a lady who suspected the dog was her missing dog, taken from her backyard two years ago. She said that the dog resembled her long-lost pet.

The shelter invited the lady to come see the dog. They were curious if the dog would recognize her or not.

When the lady arrived at the shelter, the puppy seemed terrified, but he dimly remembered his mother’s scent and loving face.

The unhappy and lonely dog extended his paws towards her and rose to have a better look at her face. Lord, the dog, saw his mother right away and started to lick and kiss her all over.

The mother, too, couldn’t hold back her sorrow and burst into sobs. Everyone in the room could not keep their tears from falling. It was a fantastic reunion. We are grateful to the shelter for making this reunion possible.

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The owner starts crying when she sees her puppy after 2 years
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