A man starts crying when reuniting with his support dog

After three days of searching, an elderly man from Watsonville, California, has finally been reunited with his beloved pet. The upset man can’t hold back his emotions when the local officers return with their emotional support companion and knock on his door. One of the cops recorded the emotional incident on video, demonstrating how close a person and a canine can be!

FB/Watsonville Police Department

Gary, the owner, reported his dog lost on Saturday. Arrow, a beautiful Champion Doberman Pinscher, is the man’s emotional comfort dog. Though the exact circumstances of the dog’s disappearance are unclear, he was seen strolling the streets by a woman who returned him home. Later, the cops tracked out the caring lady, allowing for this tragic reunion.

FB/Watsonville Police Department

In the touching footage, Officer Angel Hernandez, followed by Arrow, can be seen knocking on Gary’s door. When he sees his closest friend, he can’t believe what he’s seeing.

“Oh my God, how did you do this?” “The guy wonders,” tears welling up in his eyes.

” Officer Hernandez says, “As I previously mentioned, I will find him for you.” “Arrow, where have you been?” “My buddy,” the man continues, tears welling up in his eyes. He then offers his hand to the officer and thanks him. “Thank you, Angel; you are such a lovely guy,” he continues.

FB/Watsonville Police Department

The poignant reunion in the video, which was first shared online by Watsonville Police, affected many people. According to the police report, “Officer Angel Hernandez reunited Gary with his closest buddy amid nothing but tears of joy.”

Watch the video below for a beautiful moment.