This “elderly and useless” dog was left by his owners, and he spent a long time looking for a way back to his house

Archie was his owners’ beloved dog for a long time, but when the aging and “nasty” dog was no longer required, they had no choice but to put the unhappy animal in the vehicle and drive him two hundred kilometers away from home, leaving him in a remote location.

Archie couldn’t understand why people did this to him and decided he had to return. The elderly dog went through the dusty roads for three weeks, gathering food and water from dirty puddles.

The neighbors observed Archie on the road one day, remembered him, and shouted out, to which the dog responded. They assumed the dog was merely lost since he had owners, but the owners’ response surprised them. They said that they were no longer interested in the dog and would not return for him.

But kind people did not leave him to his fate. When Archie’s neighbors went on vacation, they left him with friends, who then protected him when the neighbors came back.

The prior owners were especially irritated by the situation since they discovered that the dog they left lived next door. Everyone knew how cruel and inhumane they were, and we can only wonder if they feel any guilt or if they have no conscience at all.