Girl made the decision to put down her boyfriend’s dog without informing him, but she had a reason

A woman on Reddit found herself in a difficult position after making a judgment concerning someone else’s pet. It was posted on the ever-popular AITA subreddit.

The lady asked Reddit whether it was okay for her to put down her boyfriend’s dog without his approval. Please continue reading to learn more.

Her partner had a 16-year-old puppy that she adored as much as he did. Old dogs may be quite beloved, which makes saying goodbye all the more painful. Sadly, that farewell is arriving quickly. That is what led to the woman’s present state.

“This puppy was a true blessing to the world, and I adored him wholeheartedly.” He was 16, though, and had a slew of medical issues. This dog was in PERMANENT misery. Every time the dog attempted to get up, he screamed in agony. “The veterinarians can’t help you.” –she stated.

Suffering is not something anybody likes to see, particularly when it may be avoided. She instantly pondered having the dog put down when the veterinarian encouraged her to do so.

She felt that her boyfriend’s unwillingness to put the dog down was t.o.rture for a dog.

He was willingly allowing the dog to suffer, well aware that there was nothing more he could do. It’s an excellent point.
But does it excuse the course of action she chose? That is a different issue.

She had contacted her boyfriend while he was with friends to inform him that she was putting the dog down. She wasn’t waiting for permission; she was only informing him. Of course, her boyfriend didn’t like her idea.

The lady ultimately had the dog put down at her boyfriend’s house, in front of his family.

At the very least, it was accompanied by familiar faces. It’s also worth noting that her family seemed to have taken her side on this one.

“I was weary of seeing my boyfriend deny the evident misery this dog was in; he dismissed veterinarians’ advice telling him he needed to put this dog down since it was borderline cruelty to keep him alive.” She justified herself.

I’m sure she did what she thought was best, but was she in the right? There were a lot of comments!

In other words, it’s difficult to condemn her, but it’s much more difficult to defend her response. The reactions were equally split.

“ESH. He should have done something, because you can’t simply leave other people’s dogs outside for the night.”-one commenator said.

In the meanwhile, u/Doodledandygal said that “it wasn’t your position to make that choice.”

OP, on the other hand, was evicted from the house she shared with her lover and is now residing with her father. Needless to say, they ended their relationship.

It’s a difficult decision. At the very least, the dog is now sleeping calmly and painlessly. If only things had gone differently.

Do you believe this lady was correct to put the dog down without the approval of her boyfriend? I’m sure that question will elicit even more divided opinions as the news spreads.

In any case, please spread the word about this post to your friends and family. Include them in the discussion as well.

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Girl made the decision to put down her boyfriend’s dog without informing him, but she had a reason
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