A stray puppy was rescued after becoming entangled in the zoo’s gorilla cage

Zoos are a terrific location to observe animals up close, but last weekend, visitors to the San Diego Safari Park saw a terrifying encounter when a stray dog snuck into a gorilla cage.

The homeless shepherd mix with no microchip had ventured into the park on his own and ended up in one of the most hazardous areas. According to witnesses, a gorilla saw the puppy and chased it around the cage before zoo workers noticed.

“They just began following him, which was quite nerve-racking,” witness Robert Robles told the newspaper.

The ter.rified tourists can be seen on video attempting to entice the puppy away and reacting in panic as the gorilla pursues him about. But, happily, disaster was avoided.

The zoo’s employees reacted quickly. According to a Facebook post from the San Diego Humane Society, they were capable of separating the gorillas and rescuing the dog with the help of the San Diego Humane Society.

Samantha Clark of the Humane Society says she used a gentle voice to win the confidence of the dog, which was naturally anxious and scared.

Clark told CBS 8 that “he was in a new atmosphere with different scents.” “Clearly, being followed by a gorilla would frighten him.”

While no one can fault the gorilla, she claims that things may have turned out very differently if they hadn’t moved quickly.

“I’m guessing the gorilla was simply trying to get the invader out of their territory, but I’m sure if he had put up a fight—he was definitely ready to.”

Fortunately, this puppy survived his scary experience and is now in excellent care. Because he was not microchipped, he is currently on stray hold until an owner can be found.

If not, he will be placed for adoption and will most likely find a new home shortly. According to CBS 8, numerous individuals, including a zoo staffer, have shown interest in adopting him. And, unless any of them have pet gorillas, this dog will be secure and sound for the time being.

According to a Facebook post by the zoo, the dog has been dubbed “Mighty Joe Young,” after the gorilla film. “He is fully recovered and incredibly nice,” they added.

“We’re very grateful that the staff at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park saved this lucky puppy and didn’t fine him for getting into the park without a permit!”

This was a scary time for everyone concerned, but we’re relieved that “Mighty Joe Young” survived and is now in good care!

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A stray puppy was rescued after becoming entangled in the zoo’s gorilla cage
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