Before being sent to be put to sleep, a dog receives a tight hug from one of the inmates

A puppy called Esther was rescued from a dirty kennel by animal protection workers. Esther was clearly isolated since she was neg.l.ected and ab.u.sed and attempted to hide when she encountered others!

A dog in Esther’s predicament would normally be put down, but rescuers discovered that they could save her. They made the Prison Trained K-9 Companion Program, which helps people who have hurt animals very badly get over it.

Jason Mayo, the prisoner in charge of Esther’s rehabilitation, says Jason did a wonderful job of instilling loyalty in her. Esther was regularly rewarded with hugs and kisses, which aided her rehabilitation considerably. The good news is that she has matured into a people-pleaser.

She was transferred to a huge nursing facility, which was a watershed moment in her life!

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