On Britain’s Got Talent, the judges cry after watching an emotional dog magic act

Reality talent competitions are one source of jaw-dropping performances.

For more than a decade, we’ve seen the most amazing singers, musical virtuosos, and out-of-this-world dancers.

But it was the rising presence of magicians that drew people’s attention. Magic, indeed! Even though we often think of it as just fooling the mind, putting on a great show in front of everyone takes a lot of knowledge and practice.


And, although magic is enthralling, this performance demonstrated that it can also affect us!

This Got Talent magician candidate had a unique way of presenting a story about her dog, Miracle. The two did a magic act that not only impressed the judges but also left no one in the room dry-eyed.

Amanda, the competitor, came onto the stage, accompanied by Miracle. She began by requesting that the hosts, Ant and Dec, keep Miracle for her.

Then she focused on the judges, beginning with Simon Cowell.

She knew Simon adored dogs, so she let him shuffle 40 cards at home, each with a portrait of one of her pets. She instructed him to split it into four unequal decks and take one from each.


She then asked Simon to choose one card from the deck and give it to Amanda, Alesha, and David. Each judge was given a card that they had to keep hidden from Amanda.

Amanda played a video of Miracle’s tale for them—here is where you’ll need Kleenex.

Miracle was rescued from an illicit meat trade under h.o.rrible and unthinkable circumstances. When they showed a snapshot of him when they saw him, the whole audience burst into tears.


The video then explained how he earned his moniker. The rescuer assumed he was d.e.ad, but when they snapped a picture of him and the camera sparkled, he opened one eye. That he was still alive was a miracle.

They transported him to Scotland and cared for him.
He recovered till he was totally healthy and very well. That’s how Amanda, Miracle, and their whole family got started. Out of the 40 dogs they had at home, they rescued 19 more. The video had come to an end, and it was time for some magic.


She also showed them a video they took just before the presentation in which Amanda asked Miracle which 4 of the 40 dogs they should bring.

She then directed the judges to disclose the images of the pets they had gotten.

They secured the services of Braveheart, Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, and Jean Harlow. The big unveiling will take place shortly thereafter. Amanda requested that Miracle present his brothers to the judges and the audience.

Miracle walked to the backdrop and opened a makeshift doghouse.

Four dogs emerged! And, yes, they were the four dogs chosen by the judges from a deck of cards! This astounded the audience.


People praised Amanda even more for using her skills to raise awareness about animal cru.e.lty, particularly the dog meat trade.

Check out the touching video below!

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On Britain’s Got Talent, the judges cry after watching an emotional dog magic act
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