This beautiful love story will melt your heart! The French Bulldog falls in love with a little baby when he meets her

Griffin and Haru, two French Bulldogs, had no idea how much they would adore newborn Sienna. But they were both enamored from the moment they met her.

Haru’s love story started before Sienna came. She would lay on her mother’s abdomen and watch her, becoming highly protective of her until the day her mother went into labor. It’s as if she sensed a baby was on the way!

Haru was immediately delighted when she met Sienna for the first time. Her relatives said they’d never seen her so joyful. Griffin was ecstatic and didn’t know what to do. So he began to sing.

The two dogs now spend the whole day at Sienna’s side. They alternate protecting Sienna and sometimes slumbering. After all, babysitting is a difficult job.

“They have the nicest dog baby bond,” her family says on YouTube. I hope you like today’s film; please excuse any tears; this is the nicest, prettiest puppy baby video! ”

Based on how the two dogs act around newborn Sienna, it’s apparent she has two guardians and fur siblings who will always watch out for her. Please pardon us as we need to get a tissue.