So amazing! Mom gives a reward to the baby if he says “mama,” but the dog says it instead of him

A bond between dogs and young newborns is really special and beautiful, since it’s difficult to imagine a more wonderful duo. While children are naive and continuously want to relax and play, dogs compensate by displaying their professional side and attempting to keep their friends out of mischief. Or, why not combine them?

They do, however, seem to have one thing in common: delicious cuisine. When a woman in Utah offers a treat to her infant child and the family’s dog is around, it can only end in one way — exceedingly adorable.

The mother attempts to get her infant to say’mama.” She promises to provide him with some tasty food in exchange. And, even if his mom is holding the food in front of his eyes, young Sam has no intention of saying “mama,” even though he is quite excited about the treat his mom is presenting.

Patch, a small Australian shepherd, is similarly fond of excellent food and seems to be more receptive. So it doesn’t take long for the pup to figure out what their mother wants in exchange for the food. Believe it or not, the adorable pooch speaks instead of the child. And he didn’t say it once, but three times, leaving the lady speechless. Mom, as promised, handed him the prize, much to Sam’s chagrin.

Patch is certainly a highly intelligent canine, as well as an important part of the family. It’s no surprise that the gorgeous clip has received over 14 million views on YouTube alone. Check it out below!

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So amazing! Mom gives a reward to the baby if he says “mama,” but the dog says it instead of him
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