The owner watches the security camera to see how her dog spends its day and can’t stop giggling

Have you ever wondered what happens while you are not at home? People with children and dogs have long asked this question. What wouldn’t we give to spend the whole day at home with the people we care about?

It’s just that we have to work to provide for them as well, and we don’t always have the luxury of choice, do we?

But, when you’re at work or school, you need to keep an eye on your children or pets.

Fortunately, we have babies and dogsitters. We also have security cameras.

A decent security camera will not only help to track your family at home. It will also give you some peace of mind that intruders will give a second thought before breaking into your home.

When the cameras are rolling, however, people frequently discover far more than they did expect.

Source: YouTube – Ring

Mary, the owner of this lovely home with a pool, uses her security cameras to monitor what her dog is doing when she is away.

Hamilton is her dog’s name, and he, like other dogs, adores swimming. Do all of us?

Hamilton was overjoyed when he realized he didn’t have to share the pool with anybody.

Source: YouTube – Ring

The sun was shining, summer was in full flow, and he was alone in the pool.
Little Hamilton had a great time dashing around the pool and diving into the water.

Source: YouTube – Ring

Hamilton’s joy is palpable as he watches the security camera footage.

“POOL POOL POOL,” he was undoubtedly thinking.

He walks around the pool looking for a good place to “dive,” and as soon as he finds one, he jumps in.

Source: YouTube – Ring

He performs the typical doggy-paddle and has the time of his life with the pool all to himself. At least one person is making the most of his summer.

Hamilton and other Australian Shepherds are quite active, and it seems that this energy may build up over time.

Australian Shepherds are frequently enthusiastic about participating in dog sports.

Source: YouTube – Ring

This dog breed is naturally athletic and enjoys games of catch or frisbee.

However, I don’t believe dog sports involve professional swimming. It would just be unjust to the lesser breeds to compete.

Keep in mind that this pool is much larger for a dog than it is for a human.

According to Hamilton, this pool is essentially a nice, large hotel pool. He’s free to doggy-paddle all he wants.

Source: YouTube – Ring

The best part is that he doesn’t have to pay for it. The lucky puppy.

He exits the water and takes a deep breath. Hamilton is as wet as a…well, wet dog. He’s ready to go again after a quick shake-dry.

He has the swimming pool to himself once again. He’s surely going back in for another plunge.

Source: YouTube – Ring

It’s too amusing not to witness for yourself. Don’t we all like observing what others do while we’re not looking?

View Hamilton’s one-dog pool party below!

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The owner watches the security camera to see how her dog spends its day and can’t stop giggling
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