Adorable blind senior dog dances every time his owner comes home

When Chapter, an adopted senior dog, sees her father, it’s a reason to rejoice, and she does.

The Jase (@jasemonkey) of Twitter adopted Chapter when she was quite old, but based on her response when they got together, you’d think they’d been together their whole lives. The jase uploaded two beautiful videos of herself seeing Chapter at the park and reacting when she thinks he is around.

“At 15, her vision isn’t great, so she requires a little sniff before she recognizes me,” he tweets.

Chapter’s joyful dance is also how she meets him on a daily basis. “One thing you can never get weary of in life is the cheerful welcome of a doggy,” her father tweeted and posted in a second video. I adore how thrilled Chapter is to see me, even if we’ve just been separated for an hour.

One of the films was recently shared on Reddit and soon went viral.

One redditor remarked: “Her vision may be going, but her young zeal hasn’t faded a day.”

“That’s the Cocker Spaniel: getting old is inevitable, but growing up is completely voluntary,” Pato Lucas remarked. “I’ve got one.”

“Awww,” said MarTHan2 LessThan21.It reminds me of someone I lost. “Young in spirit, old in body.”

Others said, “What a wonderful spirit,” “bless her tiny heart, so sweet.”

Jase recently shared another video of Chapter admiring the music he performed on bass guitar, in which he discloses that Chase has now passed the Rainbow Bridge. “I only had Chapter in my life for a short period since she was extremely elderly when I adopted her, but I cherish the time we had together.”

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Adorable blind senior dog dances every time his owner comes home
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