This poor dog was about to be kil.l.ed, but everything changed after this touching letter

Every dog and cat needs a nice family and a second chance. In shelters that are too full, young and old animals are kil.l.ed because there isn’t enough room.

A lot of dogs and cats are in shelters every day waiting for someone to come in and adopt them. Some, though, are on what is known as ‘de.a.t.h row’ at shelters. Each of those creatures has a deadline by which they must be adopted or they will be eut..han.ized by the shelter.

Mocha is a one-year-old pit bull mix that was abandoned at the Rowan County Animal Shelter in Salisbury, North Carolina. Her callous owner relinquished her along with another dog, through no fault of her own. Mocha was given a deadline of November 1st, after which she would be put down if she was not adopted.

The fearful puppy would shake in her kennel, and interested adopters would ignore her. She came covered with fleas and terrified. Albina Albiie Chanel, one of the shelter’s volunteers, wanted to demonstrate to Mocha that not all people are te.r.r.ible. She was devastated by Mocha’s situation and wanted to give her a fighting chance of finding a home.

“You know, we deal with brutality and wickedness committed by people every day. This lovely young lady crushed my heart. At that point, the owner surrendered. She’s a skeleton covered in fleas who shivers incessantly and refuses to get up to walk. Talk about a shattered soul. Some days, I despise mankind. “Keep fighting, Mocha.” “She’s witnessed so much cruelty in her one year of existence,” Albina wrote.

She decided to compose and publish a letter from Mocha on Facebook. “Dear people,” it said.

As I sit on row, completely defeated, I pray my pups enjoy a better life than I did. I sit here, terrified, expecting to be e.u.t.hanized. I’m only a year old, you see. I have not had a nice life. ”

“I tremble so badly in my kennel that people simply walk by me,” it continued. But I can’t help myself; humanity hasn’t been kind to me. I am quite thin, yet I like eating. I attempted to be bold for my photos today, but I couldn’t even get out of bed. I tried, however, and I believe the girls with me were aware of my efforts. I even grew courageous enough to accept a reward later. ”

“I was surrendered to the shelter by my owner alongside my pal… please consider adopting me and giving me a shot at a decent life,” the tragic letter read. But please understand that I may take some time to warm up since I’m so terrified. I’m in kennel number five.

Love, sMocha”.

Thousands of people commented and shared the message, and it quickly became viral. Fortunately, someone heard about Mocha and rushed to the shelter to save her. Albina updated the post to inform everyone that Mocha and her sister, who arrived with her, are safe.

After she was rescued, Albina penned her own letter to Mocha. She wrote, “Dear Mocha, I sat with you and wrote a letter for the whole world to see.” They succeeded. Sweet girl, congratulations on your second chance. May you finally be loved and cared for for the rest of your life.

Best wishes, my dear.

I adore you and will never forget you. ”

Thank you to whomever came to Mocha’s aid. She is one of many people on row who are looking for a loving home. Please consider adopting or fostering since it is the only way to help put an end to row at shelters. Furthermore, spay and neuter your dogs. Adopt instead of shopping!

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This poor dog was about to be kil.l.ed, but everything changed after this touching letter
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