A rescued Siberian Husky who had a horrible life, undergoes an incredible makeover

Every year, hundreds of canines are rescued from the streets by animal shelters. Rescuers will often go to tremendous lengths to save the lives of these adorable friends.

The animal refuge This Is Houston rescued a dog in critical condition with little prospect of survival.

They wrote the following on their Facebook page: “We rescued a puppy one year ago today, proving that miracles do happen.”

He walked the streets of Cleveland, TX until he fell in someone’s yard and was unable to continue. We discovered his weak corpse, famished, bruised, and bloodied, barely alive.

There were ant trails running to his corpse, and there were bugs devouring his sunken eyes. He exerted every ounce of strength he had to raise his head and recognize that we were there to assist him.

We rushed to the ER, which was almost an hour away, checking the backseat often to ensure he was still breathing. We held his paw to let him know we were with him.

When he arrived in the ER, he coded not once, but twice. They resurrected him three times. He was in the clinic for 21 days. It took him almost a week to see with his own eyes. And it took me almost two weeks to regain my ability to walk.

He is here despite being advised by his two veterinarians that he would not live or have a healthy and happy life. He is as happy and content as he can be.

Congratulations on your one-year anniversary,Jake.

We are really pleased with Jack’s growth this year at Mascota Educativa. And it’s all because of the This Is Houston Association’s efforts.

Many individuals have expressed their delight at the puppy’s improvement on social media.

“Oh Jake, you are such a gorgeous boy!” I saw Jake for the first time on your website and began following right away; I wanted Jake to prove everyone wrong and keep on fighting so he could have that good family that would offer him so much. “Love” You did it, honey, and thank you to everyone who gave Jake a chance. “Thank you,” said one Facebook user.

“This is a heartbreaking story. It’s difficult to think that a society would let a dog die before seeking assistance. I followed Jake’s lengthy and remarkable recovery with great interest. It demonstrates the power of love, compassion, and caring. Thank you to everyone who came to Jakes’ rescue and never gave up on him… as well as the family that adopted him and continues to care for him. ” Jake, we adore you! On Facebook, a person remarked.

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A rescued Siberian Husky who had a horrible life, undergoes an incredible makeover
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