An emac.iated dog chained to a pole stretches out his paw to an officer and asks her to help him

It is quite surprising to learn how nasty some dog owners are to their pets. We’ve witnessed several instances of individuals aba.nd.oning their pets in the middle of the streets. They are unconcerned about what may happen to them.

But, just as there are demons, there are angels in the shape of kind individuals prepared to come up and assist these creatures. Their generosity has a significant impact on their lives.

A similar incident occurred earlier when an officer assisted a dog chained to a pole. Officer Angela Laurella of the Broward Sheriff’s Office responded to a complaint regarding a very emacia.ted puppy that had been tethered to a pole.

It was unclear who had left the dog there or how long he had been there. The dog, however, was badly ema.c.iated. The dog was very underweight, according to Amy Roman of 100+ Aban.doned Dogs of Everglades, Florida. Every bone and rib protruded from his body. Because he was em..aciated, his eyes were sunken.

When the police came, the dog was in severe need of assistance and put his paw out to her, pleading to the officer, “Please help me get out of here.”

The dog didn’t have a microchip, so his owner could not be recognized, and he was attached to a very short leash, limiting his movements.

When the officer began feeding him , the dog quickly realized he was in good hands. The dog was rescued by an organization called 100+ Aba.n.doned Dogs of Everglades, Florida. They called him Liam.

They pledged to give the puppy all the love and attention he needed. They described the tiny infant as mal.n.ourished, thirsty, weary, and sweet. It was difficult to believe what he had been through.

Luckily, Liam is on the mend and receiving all of the assistance he needs. He is also being treated by veterinarians. We are relieved that Liam is safe. Thank you to everyone who helped save him.

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An emac.iated dog chained to a pole stretches out his paw to an officer and asks her to help him
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