Husky is angry at her owner and refuses to look at her, but when she begins singing, the dog has the best reaction ever(Video)

One of the most common movie or TV program cliches is when someone gets furious and shuts down, and the others start singing that person’s favorite song. That grumpy person can’t stop singing their favorite song and ultimately caves in and joins in.

That thing obviously works in real life as well! Not just on people, but also on dogs! Meet Mya, the sweet Husky. Mya despises flea spray, so when her mother applied it to her, she became enraged. So much so that she will no longer look at her mother.

Mya pouts and burys her face in the sofa, expressing her dissatisfaction with mom. Mom, on the other hand, understands just what will put Mya back in her cheerful mood. She starts singing one of Mya’s favorite songs.

Mom gradually persuades Mya to join in. Mya tries to resist for a while, but she can’t take it any longer. She eventually becomes so pleased that she looks to her mother and sings her note aloud! I don’t know if anything is more lovely than that!

Watch enraged Mya’s cute singing in the video below!