This loyal dog walked 125 miles with tears in her eyes to find her owner, who had left her

When it comes to loyalty, no one beats dogs. They were noted for their loyalty. This is shown by this faithful dog, who, after being rejected by her owner, attempted to return home to her owner.

This devoted dog walked 125 kilometers with tears in her eyes to greet her owner. Not only that, but she had the ladies in her paws. This, however, did not dissuade her. Maru, a bullmastiff, traversed Russian woods teeming with brown bears and wolves.

Maru has been returned to her birthplace on the Trans-Siberian railway. Her troubles started when her honor in Krasnoyarsk found out she was allergic to their loving 1-year-old puppy. It was decided that Maru was no longer needed there.

But Maru ran away when the train taking her back to where she was born stopped at a deserted station near Achinsk.

Maru used her paws to unlock the cabin of the train before fleeing to the person who had given her up. Train personnel searched for the dog and even screamed her name on the platform, but they received no information about the canine. Kennel owner Alla Morozova, who lives in Novosibirsk, went on the hunt for the missing Bullmastiff and even asked for information on social media.

The weary and injured canine was found two and a half days later in an industrial area near her house. According to Alla, the rejected dog looked to be crying. She had gone 125 km through the wild land, passing close to the route of the trans-Siberian train.

The exhausted pet tumbled over a railway embankment in Krasnoyarsk and was discovered and identified thanks to a social media effort. Alla said that the dog was really fortunate since she did not become food for the area’s bears and wolves. She stated the dog was exhausted and hobbling because her paws were wounded and bleeding.

After the train stopped, trained workers said that a dog had a panic attack and shot out of the compartment door like a bullet.

Alla was shocked by the dog’s navigation abilities, but she was certain that the dog would seek out the old house. She said that dogs are highly devoted to humans, and she was also hunting for her house since she wanted to return home.

Maru took the correct route while having little knowledge of the locations. Alla was furious that the owner who had rejected the dog had not even joined the hunt for the missing pet. Maru has been sent to Novosibirsk to be treated for her injuries.

The animal was reunited with her mother and father in Novosibirsk. So far, no decision has been made on the dog’s destiny.

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This loyal dog walked 125 miles with tears in her eyes to find her owner, who had left her
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