Old man confronts an alligator to rescue his dog(Video)

Animal lovers will go to any lengths for their pets. Whatever the hardship, their first concern is the protection of their animals.

A similar thing occurred when a guy fought an alligator in order to rescue his dog. The footage of the event went viral, and since then, praise for the man’s courage has poured in.

In Estero, Fla., Richard Wilbanks went for his normal Sunday morning stroll by the pool with his dog, Gunner, a Cavalier King Charles spaniel, when his pet was bitten by an alligator. According to Wilbanks, the alligator emerged from beneath the water fast, grabbed the puppy, and dragged him back into the water.

Wilbanks just followed his instincts and dived into the water to rescue his dog. He grabbed the alligator and hauled it to the shore, freeing his pet from it.

He had little trouble a.ttacking the alligator since it was tiny. He quickly pulled the alligator close to the shore, but opening its jaws and freeing the dog from its belly proved challenging.

Wilbanks went on to say that he had no idea the reptile could move that quickly. But he is relieved that his three-month-old dog is unharmed and just has one deep wound that is healing properly, while Wilbanks has many wounds on his hands.

The whole encounter was captured on security cameras installed by the Florida Wildlife Foundation and the fStop Foundation. The major goal of this organization is to observe wildlife activities near residences in natural regions and how they may coexist with people.

The gang discovered this footage while browsing through the camera. Wilbanks said that he had formed a strong attachment to the pond and did not want to endanger the alligator. That was the alligator’s habitat, and he had done nothing wrong.

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Old man confronts an alligator to rescue his dog(Video)
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