A young man buries dogs that have die.d on the road, and his explanation is quite heartfelt

Run-over dogs and cats often do not have a home. Sadly, no one worries about burying them properly.

Sadly, no one worries about burying them properly.

In this terrible circumstance, a young guy from Argentina decided to take things into his own hands. This action may seem weird to many people, but providing a proper burial to dogs that perish on the side of the road is something only real animal lovers will do.

Axel Miszczuk is a young guy from Cauelas, Argentina, who is passionate about the welfare of animals.

“Animals, particularly dogs, deserve a peaceful de.a.th like us humans,” Axel said.

This courageous young guy and his girlfriend started carrying out this noble objective. The dogs were run over and mercilessly left on the highways, and they deserved a proper burial.

“I take the shovel, tell my girlfriend we’re burying a dog, and we get on the Harley.” We dig the well, bury it, and send it out with love. We also placed a cross that I made at home out of wood with the words “a dear buddy,” said Axel Miszczuk.

The remains of de.a.d animals on the sides of roads, motorways, and highways are the “everyday situations,” which is why Melanie de los Angeles Lucero and her partner Axel are determined to alter this terrible and brutal truth because “they deserve an end such as ours, in peace.”

“I often come home from work to find a dead dog, or they contact me to inform me, and I don’t question it.” It doesn’t matter what time it is. I go home, prepare everything, and then bury everything. I understand that good deeds attract good things, and this is my commitment. Every time I go to bury an animal, I feel whole and pleased. “They say I’m insane, but it fills my soul,” he said.