When a dog anxiously started to dig at the aban.doned slab, the owner realized that there was something he had found

There are times when dogs find something and try to explain it to us. In this story, too, a dog one day becomes interested in the deserted slab. The dog started digging it up. The owner could hear her cat growling. She glanced around and saw a tiny puppy. It seemed to be no more than a month and a half. It is awful to leave such a newborn. After all, it was in danger since it was near the forest. The infant was taken with her by the girl.

This young lady is a team volunteer. Anya is her name. As a result, the dog ended up in our shelter. It is now a lovely dog that has attended exhibits.

Sadly, it did not last long on show. It was discovered that the dog is scared of unusual environments. Perhaps this is related to childhood trauma. The true explanation can no longer be discovered.

Many people were interested in the puppy while it was young, but the owner was never discovered. The dog is now residing with us in a cozy booth.