Cute moment! The dog hears a baby scream and attempts to comfort him

A cute encounter between a one-and-a-half-year-old Labrador Retriever and a newborn from an American household. They were the stars of this stunning video that quickly went viral. Dexter, the puppy, is surrounded by emotional situations, as shown when he reaches out to his one-month-old sibling, Carter, to quiet his weeping with a loving kiss.

Carter’s mother captured the wonderful moment on video, and she was utterly shocked and in awe. because it was one of the first times her dog had come into contact with the new infant. The lady was overjoyed to see her dog respond so positively to the arrival of her new family. “‘Dexter has been extremely lovely to Carter, and he wants to be everywhere.” “Whenever Carter cries, Dexter comes over and licks his head and comforts him,” the mother claims.

As a precaution, the baby’s parents kept Dexter away from him for a time until he became used to their presence when they returned home from the hospital with their kid. And everything suggests that the dog will be a fantastic and loving big brother. His love for his younger brother is so strong that Dexter cannot hear him cry. He instantly runs to his side to lick him, which helps him relax. He is indeed a loving and kind guy. The video has over 72,000 views and many comments full of puppy love. Dexter has formed a bond with the family’s infant, and his protective instincts now give us wonderful moments like the one in this video.

Here’s a cute photo of Dexter trying to calm his little sibling.

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Cute moment! The dog hears a baby scream and attempts to comfort him
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