The blind dog sees her owners for the first time after eye surgery, and her reaction is so touching! Tap the link to watch the video

There are no perfect beings among humans or animals. Even though they are lovable and appealing creatures, some dogs have requirements and are unable to find a home.

Thankfully, despite his imperfections, some individuals are prepared to give the animal a second chance.

This is a story about a blind dog whose new owners radically changed her life. Holly and Bart Emmerson of Canada made the choice to have a pet.

They found out about the black Cocker Spaniel they found on Olive Street. They were aware of this dog via a friend who could transfer her to Vancouver so she might be adopted. His name was Olive.

Despite Olivia’s cataracts and the fact that they couldn’t even see her owners, she rapidly earned the couple’s devotion.

The vet recommended surgery to treat the dog. The couple decided to take the dog to the vet in order to make her life easier.

Naturally, they were terrified during the surgery. When they saw their beloved dog approaching them as she was eventually taken out of the operation room, the couple’s eyes welled up with tears.

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Here is an emotional video!