When a homeless dog saw the ocean for the first time, he started screaming like a human(Video)

This amazing dog’s name is Herschel. She was chained for five years. She was grinding her teeth and chewing the chain the whole time. She was placed for adoption after being brought to an animal shelter.

Sadly, the family’s decision was swiftly reversed, and the puppy was returned to the shelter. For quite a while, it seemed as though Herschel would spend the remainder of her life at the shelter. Rocky Kanak swooped in to save the day.

Rocky Kanak hosts the TV show “Dog Day,” in which he takes the dogs on adventures to make them happy. Kanak decided to take Herschel on this excursion.

During this period, the dog tested a variety of foods for the first time in his life and finally approached the family, who joyfully accepted Herschel. The most lovely event of this journey, though, was when Herschel saw the water for the first time and was overjoyed.