Man cuddles his dog and cries, “Don’t leave me, please”

He is a powerful and nasty man who changed the world because he had to bid goodbye to his life’s pet. It’s tough not to become enthusiastic when he’s on your side.

Unfortunately, our spoiled children are not everlasting, and there comes a time when they must finish their cycle and cross the rainbow. There are several videos on the internet depicting that tragic moment; many people identify because shooting their dogs “is something they would not wish on their worst enemy.”

The “rude” guy had to endure the most agonizing suffering imaginable.

However, several recent incidents have particularly touched Internet users. Maybe it’s because of the music in the background, or maybe it’s because the owner looks like he’s a bad person, but he’s completely broken up about his dog leaving.

He can’t imagine his life without his dog.

They are photographs that reveal a man’s most sensitive side. Many people have touched the innermost fibers of his soul, as a tiny puppy followed him for 14 long years of his life, becoming another son.

The scenario takes place on the vet’s stretcher, where he is expected to get the medication that would put him to sleep for good.

He hoped he could live forever and that his presence at his side was immortal.

The dog already has a syringe, so he’ll be on the other side in a few minutes, but his eyes are still open. His owner finds no solace and leans in to join her and his hairy one in a long embrace that he hopes will never stop.

The guy collapses and sobs uncontrollably.

He attempts to caress him, glares him in the eyes, kisses him at one point, as if he wants to hold him back, but he knows time is running short.

Thank you for every second of faithfulness, every second of love!

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Man cuddles his dog and cries, “Don’t leave me, please”
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