An overdramatic dog faints when a woman attempts to trim his nails(Video)

Grooming sessions with your pet may be either a joy or a living nightmare. Some dogs like having their coats cleaned, brushed, and cleaned, while others avoid these activities at all costs.

Image/Story Source Credit: RM Videos via YouTube

In this clip, a pit bull is shown to exhibit a strong aversion to nail cutters. The poor pit bull here just perceives it as a ‘deadly’ machine that must be avoided at all costs. When Mom informs her pit bull that it’s time to cut her nails, the worried dog’s first instinct is to oppose her mother.

Make sure to watch the video all the way through! This pit bull’s expression is priceless!

Image/Story Source Credit: RM Videos via YouTube

We observe what occurs when the dog’s mother holds his paw in her palm to cut his nails. That is when the pit bull starts to exhibit more “theatrical” behavior! He slowly leans backward before collapsing flat on the floor, his limbs stuck in mid-air!

Image/Story Source Credit: RM Videos via YouTube

His mom, on the other hand, continues to distribute the cuttings. As a consequence, the poor dog makes the saddest eyes as he begs the person recording him for assistance! While his theatrical act may not have prevented him from having his nails clipped, it is certainly worthy of an Academy Award! What a sweetie.

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