This husky was raised by cats, and now acts like a real cat

While it is often assumed that dogs and cats do not get along, there are several cases to the contrary. And, because I just told you about three huskies that rescued a kitten’s life and adopted her into their group, it’s time for a husky to be nursed by cats. Meet Tally, the dog that believes she’s a cat!

Tally’s owner, Redditor Dong of Justice, is the one who chose to publish the amusing photos of his pet canine behaving like a cat. According to the article, “[Tally] was raised around cats and felt she was a cat herself.” “She sat like a cat, arms and legs tucked under her.”

But it’s not only the way she sits that demonstrates her cat mentality; it’s also the way she tries to sneak around and her unwillingness to connect with other canines.

Dong of justice wrote, “She’s not very interested in socializing with their type.” I’ve taken her to dog parks, and it’s very amusing. She’ll stroll around smelling stuff as a pack of dogs follows her and she doesn’t see them. ”

He hadn’t had any photos of Tally surrounded by her feline buddies since he got the gorgeous Husky as an adult, but her behavior is more than suggestive. “Her former owners reared her with cats, and they only showed me puppy images without the cats.” “I can’t verify she was raised with them or that she actually believes she’s a cat,” says the owner.

Tally’s owner got her when she was two years old, and no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t get her to “be a dog.” Even though she hadn’t been around cats in a long time, she was still one. “She loves to lie there all day, watching people and quietly evaluating them,” her owner said.

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This husky was raised by cats, and now acts like a real cat
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