Doggy waits all day for the most important person in her life, who isn’t even the owner…

Fifi spends the whole day anticipating something. She is waiting for a little white vehicle to come around the corner since they just met the driver and the chihuahua fell in love right away.

Every morning after breakfast, the small dog walks to the door and takes a seat on the glass.

She waits in their alley for a white vehicle to round the corner and come.

Fifi gets thrilled the moment she sees that specific automobile. Although the dog would be delighted, she does not anticipate receiving messages from anybody.

The dog is completely smitten with the postman, who is the focus of attention.

Fifi met him on the second day, and it was love at first sight. On that fateful day, the owner took Fifi with her as she walked outside to retrieve the mail.

She spoke briefly with Dan, the postman who had spotted the dog.

Every day, the dog waits for the truck on the sofa near the door, and when he hears the engine, he tells the owner that the vehicle has come.