Unbelievable! A remarkable litter of 13 pups is born to a French bulldog.’ Click to see their photos

When a dog gives birth to a litter of pups, it’s always thrilling — there are few things prettier than a newborn small dog.

However, when a French Bulldog recently gave birth to a litter, her owner was taken aback by the number of puppies delivered, which might set a record.

Jamie Walker of northern Kentucky has a female French bulldog who got pregnant and gave birth to a litter of pups.

Walker noted that the dog was bigger than the average pregnant dog as she progressed in her pregnancy and was ready to go into labor, but he didn’t believe anything unusual was going to happen.

Walker told WXIX, “We went to the vet, and he said, ‘oh, she may have six or seven [puppies].”

Six or seven babies would have been a surprise on their own—French bulldogs typically only have three puppies at a time, and having seven is very unusual.

Everyone was taken aback when this mother bulldog gave birth to a staggering 13 pups!

“That’s really unprecedented,” Walker remarked.

That is much larger than the breed’s average litter size. Walker claims he looked online and found just one other French bulldog in Britain who had given birth to 13 pups.

He thinks his dog’s newborn litter “had to be a US record.”

Despite the adversity, the mother and her 13 pups are said to be doing well, and all of the puppies will be adopted shortly.

While most dogs give birth to a handful of puppies at a time, there are rare and severe occurrences when canines give birth to more than a dozen puppies.

What a large number of pups! We are relieved that the mother and her puppies are doing well after this record delivery!