When it comes to dinnertime, this dog can speak! When asked what they wanted to eat, the dog replied, “Potato”

Mishka and Laika awoke from their sofa relaxing to hear their human brother, Trevor, walking around the kitchen. Dad had presumably entered the kitchen to prepare supper and asked young Trevor if he wanted anything special to eat.

The dinner discussion bores Laika the red-furred Husky. Mishka, her doggy sister, is curious to watch Dad and Trevor discussing food. When Dad suggests cooking potatoes for supper, he observes Mishka’s perked curiosity. As a result, he turns to her and says, “Mishka, do you want potatoes?”

The whole family is taken speechless when Mishka responds immediately, “I want potatoes!” It’s quite amazing to see the chatty dog accurately match every word of the phrase as she tells Dad about her passion for potatoes!

We’ve discovered that Mishka, like any clever girl, prefers to weigh in on every home issue. She is a family member in every sense, and she is quite proud of it! Don’t forget to turn up the volume as you watch Mishka tell Dad about her meal preferences!

Watch Mishka expertly mouthing “I want potatoes” before dinnertime in the video below!