A little puppy that does not have a forever home follows a couple’s car in the hopes of being adopted

Pets may enter our lives in the most unexpected ways and at the most unexpected moments. That was the situation for one couple who acquired a puppy while on vacation — and the dog was ready to become part of their family.

According to SWNS, Martina Russo, from Milan, Italy, and her boyfriend, Fil, were traveling through the Spanish countryside when they observed a local following them.

“We thought it was just a game at first, but we quickly realized something wasn’t right because she was racing so fast and wouldn’t stop,” Martina told SWNS.


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They stopped the vehicle to offer the dog some water, sensing that she was in desperate need, and the pup quickly grew attached.

“We… carried her to the neighboring village to check whether she had been found, but no one had ever seen her before,” they posted on Instagram. “We’re in the middle of nothing, with no dwellings or other human life for miles.”

“We placed her back where we found her on the way back, assuming she’d know to go back, but she followed us until we got to the van.”

The dog just followed them in their vehicle, and the couple understood that the dog had been left in the countryside.

“We brought her to the doctor the following day, and it turns out she wasn’t chipped, she wasn’t spayed, she was roughly a year old, her hair was really overgrown, and she was full of muck around her eyes,” Martina told SWNS.

They kept searching for the puppy’s owner, but despite searching the neighborhood and posting on social media, no one came forward.

After a few weeks, they realized the dog had no family and chose to adopt the puppy!

Martina and Fil’s puppy, Moxie, has become a treasured member of their family.

“She’s really nice and amusing, quite lively, and she adores our cats-to be honest, she loves everything and everyone!” Martina explained. “We like to bring her on vacation, and she always makes us laugh.”

“For Moxie, every day is a new experience.”

That is incredible. Moxie chose the correct car to pursue — as if she knew they’d be the ideal ones to offer her a new home. It only goes to show that everything has a purpose.

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A little puppy that does not have a forever home follows a couple’s car in the hopes of being adopted
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