The owner informs his golden retriever that he will have a baby sibling and he has the most unexpected reaction

The most important thing in the world is family. John Bache’s Golden Retriever agrees. That’s why the news that he was going to have a human sibling caught him off guard.

And in the most amusing way. The unexpected announcement was even captured on tape.

It begins with him sitting on his human father’s knee as he hears his father say, “Someone is going to have a baby sibling.”

Goldie seemed to be overjoyed before the news was revealed to him. With a huge fat grin on his face, he’s panting. But then his whole expression transformed.

That smile vanished, and he stared at his father in disbelief.

He let the unexpected news sink in, nose-to-nose with his father.
Dad gave the same look back before switching the camera to get a different view of the dog’s reaction.

That’s when the puppy’s face brightened up again.

He was still astonished, so he was less animated. But then his father reminded him once again. “Baby brother!” he exclaimed.

That’s when the dog’s face fell completely motionless. The Golden was not unenthusiastic. He just was not anticipating the news.

Or for his father to break it so abruptly. In fact, Golden Retrievers are well-known for their affection towards youngsters.

“Golden retrievers are excellent with children.” They’re friendly, lively canines that like being a part of a family. “They are soft and kind to newborns and toddlers, but they can also play rough and tumble with older children, adults, and other dogs,” Golden Hearts adds.

Children may benefit from having Goldens around since they can teach them responsibility and ensure that they always have someone by their side.

Nonetheless, Golden’s reply was extremely amusing.
It’s so amusing that it’s been seen over 1.9 million times.

“I don’t care how many times I watch this, I laugh every single time!” one person said.

Sure enough, when the dog’s genuine baby sibling was born, he was overjoyed. He was really smitten with the infant.

Bache’s next video shows the Golden with the biggest smile imaginable, wagging his tail like crazy as it thumps up and down on the carpet.

He’s overjoyed that his newborn sibling has finally arrived. And he’s right there with him! This adorable canine seems to be overjoyed.

It’s as though he’s always desired a younger sibling. He’s seated as near to the infant as his parents would allow. And he seems pleased to be precisely where he is.

“He’s content simply to be there.” “What a wonderful guy,” one reviewer says.

“Lovely!” Another remarked, “He seems to be quite thrilled with his newborn sibling.”

“He got what he wanted!” And yet another.

Though he may have been taken aback at first, this Golden seemed overjoyed to find a new best buddy.

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The owner informs his golden retriever that he will have a baby sibling and he has the most unexpected reaction
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