Dog who is being left by his owners, desperately tries to reenter their car…

A CCTV video captured the painful and very un-Christmas moment a Staffordshire Bull terrier, called Snoop by his rescuers, was brutally left by his owners in Stoke-on-Trent, UK.

“The film needs to be seen to be believed; it’s really horrific,” Natalie Perehovsky, an animal protection officer, said of the event. “It’s awful to watch the poor puppy in such evident anguish leaping up at the vehicle as it drives away.” I don’t comprehend how somebody could do anything like this.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) has opened an inquiry into Snoop’s case after a passer-by noticed him sitting alone on the street on the bed that his owner had tossed out with him. Officer Perehovsky said, “The vets looked at his microchip, and we found two previous owners in the Birmingham area.”

“In the video, one guy can be seen plainly dropping the dog, and there is another person in the driver’s seat.” I would appreciate hearing from anybody who recognizes the car, the guy, or the dog. ”

“The veterinary team has dubbed the dog Snoop, and he is in excellent health and is estimated to be two years old.” He is a loving and attractive white Staffie with black markings. He is presently being cared for at a private boarding kennel, where he will get all the necessary care while I do more research. ”

“It defies comprehension that someone could leave a dog like this at Christmas, but we are so grateful to the wonderful folks who discovered Snoop sitting quietly in his bed and immediately took him to the safety of a clinic.”

Snoop, who seems to have originally assumed his owners were playing a game with him, fought desperately to get back in the vehicle, even pursuing it as they attempted to drive away. He now needs a loving home with somebody who will care for him; he has seen three ‘owners’ come and go at the age of two.

His sad story serves as a timely warning to anybody considering buying a new pet for Christmas: these creatures are loving and devoted, and they suffer greatly when left alone. If you really cannot manage the burden of properly caring for your pet, take them to a shelter where they will be cared for until a new home is found!

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Dog who is being left by his owners, desperately tries to reenter their car…
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